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You get a nugget when you defeat the 5, actually 6 trainers on nugget bridge.

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Q: Where can you found nuggets in Pokemon blue?
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Where is a nugget on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Nuggets can be found in caves or even hidden around the ground using the itemfinder.

What are nuggets used for in Pokemon?

Nuggets are used for nothing but selling for 5000poke

What Pokemon can learn fly in Pokemon Blue be specific and where can they be found?

bird Pokemon and they can be found anywhere

What do nuggers for in Pokemon Blue?

Nuggets* are worth 5000 money , i'm not sure if there's any other use for them except money

How was Mew originally found in Pokemon Blue and Red?

Mew was originally found in Pokemon red and blue by using the Mew glitch.

What are the nuggets for in Pokemon Yellow?

For Selling.

Where can mew be found in Pokemon Blue?

In the game

What were some gold nuggets found in the 1850s?

They were probably gold nuggets.

Where do you sell nuggets in Pokemon FireRed?

At the pokemart

What are the official colors of Denver Nuggets?

Gold,Blue,Navy Blue and White

Can you get missingno in Pokemon HeartGold?

No. Missingno is a glitch pokemon found in pokemon Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.

How did the nuggets get their name?

From golden nuggets found in Colorado. That's why there is a mining pick on their logo.