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Nuggets are used for nothing but selling for 5000poke

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Q: What are nuggets used for in Pokemon?
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What are the nuggets heart scales tiny and big mushrooms used for in Pokemon soul silver?

Nuggets and Mushrooms are for selling. Heart Scales can be traded to a man in Blackthorn City to teach a Pokemon moves.

What are the nuggets for in Pokemon Yellow?

For Selling.

Where do you sell nuggets in Pokemon FireRed?

At the pokemart

How do you get nuggets in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Just go to and search it

How many nuggets can you get in Pokemon ruby?

unlimited number if u have a Pokemon with pickup ability (e.g: zigzagoon)

What are nuggets for in Pokemon platinum?

They sell for a high price at the Poke stores.

Why are the Denver nuggets called the nuggets?

The gold rush came through Colorado, and they used to find gold "nuggets'. Hence, the denver nuggets

Can you use gold nuggets to make shiny Pokemon?

no, only sell them for £5000

How can you duplicate nuggets in Pokemon FireRed?

you need to have access to go to fourth island have a ditto and put it on it and have another Pokemon and the egg will hatch and the Pokemon will be holding the nugget

What do nuggets do in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Nuggets can be sold for 5,000 Pokedollars. Other than that, they have no use, though being sold for a high price is very useful, especially when you're low on money.

Where is a nugget on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Nuggets can be found in caves or even hidden around the ground using the itemfinder.

Where can you found nuggets in Pokemon blue?

You get a nugget when you defeat the 5, actually 6 trainers on nugget bridge.