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No. Missingno is a glitch pokemon found in pokemon Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.

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Q: Can you get missingno in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Who is the strongest Pokemon in HeartGold?

probably missingno

Can you get missingno in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

No, you cannot.

What does MissingNo stand for in Pokemon?

MissingNo stands for Missing Number in Pokemon.

What Pokemon is missingo?

Missingno is a glitch Pokemon. perhaps the best known glitch in all Pokemon history. More information on Missingno:

How do you get MissingNo on Pokemon Deluge?

you can't cause missingno is just a glitched pokemon also try pokemon tower defense there you can get missingno his a myster gift the code is sndgames

How do you get missingno in Pokemon Platinum?

Use the Pokemon modifier and enter an envalid #.U should get missingno.

How do you get the Pokemon missingo in Pokemon Diamond?

A) MissingNo. is a glitch Pokemon, so it can screw up your game/save. B) MissingNo. is not an actual Pokemon. C) MissingNo. is only found in Red/Blue/Yellow.

Do you know The Missingno code for Pokemon emerald?

no there is no missingno glitch in emerald

Why was missingno made?

MissingNO was not purposely created. It is a glitch in the game where the game selects data from the buffer that is not a Pokemon, resulting in MissingNo.

How do you get rid of the missingno on Pokemon platinum?

Missingno is a glitch in the Pokemon series. It cannot be gotten rid of. Once it is in your game, it will be there forever.

Missingno in diamond?

Missingno is not avalible in Pokemon Diamond without help of the Action Replay.

Where can you get missingno in Pokemon lake?

you cant