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East of Lumbridge. You need 10 coins to pass the gate. The just go south and youll see it. =)

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Q: Where can you find the Al-Kharid bank?
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Where is gnome copter in runescape?

You can find it somewhere near lumbridge or alkharid.

Where do you try dungeoning on runescape free worlds?

there is a bot behind alkharid bank , sail with that bot and ull reach a place go north and start talking to the dungenouring guide man and then start dungeoneering :)

In RuneScape where can you find coal?

in runescape, you can find coal in the dwarven mines, the alkharid mines, barbarian village, some places in the wilderness, and cockroach workers and drones drop 1-2 noted coal.

Where do you get anchovies on RuneScape?

First of all, you need to have a fishing level of at least 5. You use a small fishing net and go to a fishing spot. When you right-click it, it should say "net fishing spot". If it doesn't, you need to find somewhere it does. You will catch anchovies and shrimp. It is faster with a higher fishing level. A common place to fish anchovies is near the Alkharid bank. But watch out, there is a scorpion there and I think it's level 14. Hope this helps!

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