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you put vivos in the bank then find the heads again

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Q: How do you copy vivosaurs on fossil fighters champions?
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Can you transfer fossils from Fossil Fighters into super fossil fighters?

Yes, but it only works in that direction. In order to do this, you'll need two DS systems, a copy of Champions, and a copy of Fossil Fighters. 1. Boot up the original and travel to the Park area with the Fossil Rock(s) you want to transfer. 2. Talk to the excitable Attendant by the completed Fossil Cannon to load your Fossil Rock(s) 3. Save and quit. 4. Clicking on the file you loaded the rocks on, go to "Play with Another Person." 5. Click Battle/Trading. Click "yes" at the notification. 6. Boot up Champions. Go to "Multiplayer." 7. Select "Local Play." "Yes" at the prompt. 8. On Champions, click "Receive Cannon Fire." 9. Select "Fossil Fighters Cannon" 10. Go back to your copy of Fossil Fighters. Select the name of your Champions character. Click the Fossil Rock(s) you want to send, and then hit fire. Ta-da! The Fossil Rocks are now on the Fossil Lawn on Ribular Island!

Can you play Fossil Fighters online?

no it is sort of illegal but not if the web site owns a physical copy and they do at vizzed .com

What is the name for a copy of a fossil produced by filling a mold with sediment or crystals?

Many people incorrectly think that a copy of a fossil is a 'mold'. But the real name for the copy of a fossil is a 'cast'.

What type of fossil is the solid copy of the shape of the organism?

a cast fossil

May I get the copy of speech choir entitled the champions?


What is a copy of an ancient organism shape?

A fossil.

What is the exact copy of a fossil called?

A replica

What is a copy of an ancient organisms shape called?

A fossil.

A copy of a mold's shape that formed in hardened minerals is an?


What is an exact stone copy of an original organism?

A fossil.

What is cast fossil?

it is a fossil copy of an organism filled withsediment or mineral deposits.

What is an exact copy of an original organism in which the hard parts have been penetrated and replaced by minerals?

A fossil.