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in the eterna forest, neer the exit to the next city, you need cut to enter the place, it is the haunted mansion, only in night.

also there is a tv, if you go to the tv in night a Pokemon (rotom) will apear

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Q: Where can you find ghost people on Pokemon platinum?
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Where can you find Gengar on Pokemon platinum?

Gengar is a powerful ghost type of Pokemon. In Pokemon Platinum it is possible to capture one by going to the Old Chateau.

Where do you find romtom Pokemon platinum?

you find it in the ghost house near eterna at night in the t.v.

Where can you find moonstones on Pokemon platinum?

in caves, people, pokemon, the syour.

Where do you find all of the Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

buy the Pokemon platinum book

Where do you find the 151st Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

The 151st Pokemon is Mew and is unobtainable in Pokemon Platinum.

Where can you find a Torchic egg in Pokemon Platinum?

no you can't find a torchic egg in Pokemon platinum

Where can you find the ghost tower in Pokemon pearl?

There is no ghost tower but there is a lost tower where you find ghost Pokemon on route 209.

Where can you find an octillery in Pokemon platinum?

Battle people with it and it might also be in the ocean.

How do you get spirtomb in Pokemon Platinum?

try your best to find spirtomb in Pokemon platinum

How do you catch Zekrom in Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot find zekrom in pokemon platinum

Where can you find route 233 in Pokemon Platinum?

There is not a route 233 on Pokemon platinum.

Where can you find a barmy in Pokemon Platinum?

there is no such Pokemon