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You can't find Vibrava on Pokémon Platinum

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Q: Where can you find vibrava on Pokemon platinum?
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Where can you get Vibrava in Pokemon Platinum?

You can find it at route 228 with the poke radar

What level does vibrava evolve in pokemon platinum?

Vibrava evolves into a Flygon at level 45.

When does Trapinch Evalve in Pokemon Platinum?

evolves in vibrava at lvl 35 and flygon at lvl 45

Where to catch vibrava in Pokemon light platinum?

You catch it in white forest once you do a few missions.

What can you trade for vibrava in Pokemon Pearl?

No One in Pokemon Pearl will offer Vibrava. You can only find them at the desert near the resort area.

Where do you find a vibrava Pokemon emerald?

You can only get Vibrava from evolving a Trapinch at Level 35. There is no way (Unless you use a Gameshark) to get a Vibrava in the wild.

Can you get a vibrava an Pokemon Ranger?

No, Vibrava is not obtainable in the first Pokemon Ranger.

Where can you find a vibrava in Pokemon pearl?

Route 228.Use PokeRadar.

How can you find a vibrava on Pokemon pearl?

use your pokerader @ rt.228

When does vibrava evolve in Pokemon paerl?

trapinch evolves to vibrava @ level 35, and vibrava evolves into flygon @ 45, the sickest Pokemon in any game.....

How do you evolve vibrava Pokemon ruby?

Vibrava evolves at Level 45.

Where do you find all of the Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

buy the Pokemon platinum book