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You can find coal veins almost anywhere. Look at the side of stone cliff faces.

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Q: Where can you find coal in minecraft?
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Where do you find coal on Minecraft?

You can generally find coal underground located within the rock layers, but you can also find it sometimes on the surface.

Where is the most common place to find coal in minecraft?


How do you find cole on minecraft?

You can find coal by mining but you can get charcoal by burning wood.

How do you make gunpower in Minecraft?

you must find flint and tender and coal

Where is the best place to find coal in Minecraft?

Coal is very common. Caves are a good source of coal, but if you are mining, coal is most common at y=48.

How do you find coal in minecraft beta?

You can find it in caves and on the side of cliffs. It is the most common ore.

How do you find coal in Minecraft?

Mine near the surface, or sail along the coast in a boat until you find exposed coal veins. Once you have coal for torches, you can mine deeper to get more coal. The program 'cartographer' allows you to see any coal in anywhere in the explored map.You can find Coal Ore pretty much anywhere on a Minecraft map. And, it usually comes in large pockets of anywhere between 5 and 50 blocks!

How do you collect coal in Minecraft?

By mining. You can easily find them in generated caves, and mountain sides.

Which layer can you find coal?

it is not hard to find and sometimes u can find it on the outside of a cavern in MINECRAFT!! god that game rocks

How do you make coal into coal ore on minecraft - PE?

Coal can't be turned back into coal ore once it is mined. Since there is no enchanting in Minecraft PE, there is no way to obtain coal blocks in survival.

Where do you find coal in minecraft?

In most surface caves, and sometimes on the side of cliffs. If you cannot find coal to survive your first night, then get some logs and bake it in a furnace to make charcoal.

How you make a coal axe in Minecraft?

You don't.