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well i haven't played sonic unleashed for awhile so when i play it I'll tell ya ;)

fyi just saying I'm not a dude -_-

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Q: Where can you find boss battle night record in sonic unleashed?
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What is Sonic the Werehog in Sonic Unleashed for the Wii?

Sonic will transform into a werehog during the night in sonic unleashed.

What was first sonic unleashed or sonic and the black night?

Sonic Unleashed was released first. Sonic Unleashed was released on November 18,2008. Sonic and the Black Knight was released on March 3,2009.

Can you cancel Sonic's unleash in Sonic Unleashed?

He's regular during the day and unleashed during the night because of Eggman.

Is Amy playable in Sonic Unleashed at day and night?


When does Night of the Werehog from Sonic Unleashed come out?

it came out in November

What does the 'unleashed' stand for in Sonic Unleashed?

In Sonic Unleashed sonic is turned into a part of Dark Gaia (a giant ghost-like being that lives deep within the earth) and releases his inner "dark side" so to speak, at night.

Where do you find sun medals in sonic unleashed?

By completing night missions(Completing Sonic the werehog missions).

Can you unlock supersonic in sonic unleashed?

He is only playable on the last boss battle

What age rating is Sonic Unleashed?

Sonic Unleashed is 7+

When did Sonic Unleashed happen?

Sonic Unleashed happened in 360.

Which is better sonic unleashed or sonic and the secret rings?


Would Sonic unleashed be better then Sonic generations or is Sonic generations better then Sonic unleashed?