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The Artix Entertainment Headquarters (Known to players as the Secret Underground Lab) is located North of Tampa, FL. For the most recent contact informaiton visit their official site:

Artix Entertainment, LLC

P.O. Box 2005

Land O' Lakes, Florida 34639

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Q: Where can you find artix entertainment?
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When was Artix Entertainment created?

Artix Entertainment was created in 2001.

Who made AQworlds?

Artix Entertainment

Who made dragonfable?

Artix Entertainment.

Who created dragonfable?

Artix Entertainment.

How much money do people at artix entertainment make?

Artix Entertainment produce over 400 million USD every year.

Who did adventure quest worlds?

Artix Entertainment.

Where does artix entertainment work from?

Artix Entertainment works from the Secret Underground Land. It is believed this is located under a coffee shop somewhere north of Tampa, Florida.

How old is Adam Bohn the founder of Artix Entertainment?

Adam Bohn's birthday is On December 31st. He founded Artix Entertainment when he was 24 years old in 2002.

Who created Adventure Quest?

AE (Artix Entertainment)

Artix entertainment upgrade card?

You are an idiot hahahahaha

Is Dragon Fable on plaza on woozworld?

no its on Artix entertainment

Who created AQworlds?

AE... Artix Entertainment (company)