What artix email in aqw?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Best Answer or find it at

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Q: What artix email in aqw?
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How do you be moderator in aqw?

email artix and ask he will either say maybe no or yes

What is artix username on aqw?


What is artix's account in AQW?

Username: Artix Password: *******

Where is artix on aqw?

artix is at battlon come come

Artix user on aqw?

His character name ingame is Artix.

What is artix AQW account?

His character name ingame is Artix.

Who is stronger Artix or Cysero?

in aqw when actually playing cysero but artix is the champion of darkness aqw lvl artix30somthing cysero45

Where is artix favorite place in AQW?

Artix is only on AQW at events,or at his house doing mod chat,but events is your best bet.

Where is artix aqw?

Artix it's in Battleon-1 he go's online on weekends

How do you unlock artix's aqw account?

Simple you can't because i am Artix so no Hacking on AQ worlds you are artix?

Where do you find artix in aqw?

hes at swordhaven

Where does artix log in in aqw?