Where can you find a shiny geodude?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Anywhere you can find geodudes, but they are extremily rare.

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Q: Where can you find a shiny geodude?
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Where can you find a golden geodude on emerald?

A gold geodude is just a shiny geodude you must keep finding geodude in granite cave until its shiny.

Where do you find shiny geodude?

where ever you find geodudes one could be shiny i found a shiny before my first gym it was in Oreburgh Gate on Pearl

Can you get a shiny geodude by breeding?

Yes, any Pokemon can be shiny when it can be hatched from an Egg, including Geodude.

You found a gold geodude in pkmn pearlWhat is the diference from the normal geodude?

What you have encountered is a shiny Geodude, which, as you described, is gold and a normal Geodude is a light gray color. Think of shiny Geodude as a gold nugget and a normal Geodude has a regular rock.

How do you get a shiny geodude in diamond?

You can't

How many shiny Pokemon are in diamond?

As many as you can find I had a Sneasel Magikarp Geodude Shaymin and Seaking

How do you get the geodude on Pokemon Tower Defence?

You could just go to challenges and win to get a shiny geodude!

What is the newest code for Pokemon TD?

5234: Shiny Pidgey 5231: Shiny Geodude (once) 5231(space): Shiny geodude as many times as you want Shiny pikachu 0.05% chance of it appearing on veredant forest 1 or 2

How do you get an oddly colored geodude?

If you mean a Shiny Geodude, they appear randomly and very rarely and there's no specific way to get it.

What is the code for shiny geodude in Pokemon tower defence?


Where can you find a non-shiny geodude in diamond?

You can find a Geodude in Route 206, 207, 210, 211, 214, 155, Lake Valor, Mt. Coronet, Oreburgh Gate, Iron Island, Ruins Maniac Cave, and in Stark Mountain.

What is the Pokemon tower defence mystery gift code?

5234- Shiny Pidgey 5231- Shiny Geodude 673034- Shiny Jigglypuff