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I have multiple glaceon. I'll include a shiny geodude if u have any shiny Pokemon. Shiny geodude is gold. I think I have a lv.100 girl Glaceon. The geodude is lv.12 boy met at mt. Moon on my Pokemon leafgreen. Ok anytime u want to trade I'll trade. Just answer my question; can anyone trade me a shiny dialga my freindcode is Morgoo 2536 6202 8066? Here is my freindcode and trainer name Morgoo 2536-6202-8066

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Q: Pokemon Soul Silver Anyone out there have a Glaceon they are willing to trade me please?
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Pokemon Soul Silver Can anyone trade me a lower leveled Glaceon?


How do you get a Glaceon in Pokemon soul silver?

To get both leafeon and glaceon in Pokemon soul silver or heart gold you have to trade it from diamond pearl or platinum.

Does anyone have rare Pokemon that they are willing to trade in soul silver?

yeah i have a few. what is ur friend code?

How do you get eevee to evolve into leafeon in Pokemon soul silver?

you cant get glaceon or lefeon in soulsilver

How do you get Glaceon in pokemon soulsilver?

By evolving eevee on diamond or pearl then trading it onto soul silver.

How do you evolve Eevee into a Glaceon on Pokemon soul silver?

The only way to obtain a Glaceon is to trade it from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum games. Because in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, there is an ice rock that Eevee needs to evolve into Glaceon.

Where do you get a Glaceon on Pokemon Silver?

In soul silver? I'm sure you have to trade from platnium.I'm sorry, but there's only one way of getting it is by trading for it.

Can you evolve an Eevee into a Glaceon in Pokemon soul silver?

You cant evolve it into glaceon unless you bring an ice stone over from a game that has more stones than silver, (silver doesn't have to many.) after transferring it, eevee will evolve. The best you can do without an ice stone is espeon(if it evolves in day) or umbreon (if it evolves in night).

Pokemon soul silver anyone willing to trade an arceus mew or darkrai for a celebi phione or any starter?

Not me because i have an action replay so i can get Any Pokemon . But probably some won who does not and have won they would i don't know.

Does anyone want to buy an Arsenal Silver membership?

Yes I am interested in buying an Arsenal silver membership. Are you willing to sell?

Can anyone trade you a Pokemon in soul silver with pokerus?


Does anybody want to trade you some Pokemon on soul silver?

I have Pokemon HeartGold, and I'll be more than willing to trade some Pokemon with you if you like ^^