Where can you find a rainbow DS?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Online if you want to order it or at a game store

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Q: Where can you find a rainbow DS?
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Can you get rainbow colors on pictochat an a DS lite?


Can you get the SNES rainbow road theme in Mario kart ds?

You can't, because that track isn't in Mario Kart DS. It is, however, in Mario Kart 7, which was the first game to have retro Rainbow Road tracks.

How do you make the writing rainbow on picto chat for DS?

you just have to have a dsi and you click on the penciltwo times and then you can write with rainbow .Totally cool!

Can a DSI link to a ds?

Yes they can but on picto chat the DSI can do rainbow writing.

How do you get the rainbow wing in soulsilver the ds game?

Speak to a man in Pewter City to get it

What do you do with the shovel on moshi monsters moshling zoo ds game?

you get rainbow rox

Where do find a rainbow pass on FireRed?

You have to go to a Pokemon event for the gba games (which they don't do since DS Pokemon came out) with a wireless adapter on your Gameboy SP or advance.

How do you find the rainbow jewel in digimon data squad?

how to find the rainbow jewel

How do you find rainbow jewel in Digimon data squad?

how to find the rainbow jewel

Can you write in rainbow font on Nintendo DS?

On picto chat, you cannot. You can only do this on the Nintendo DSi

How do you find your SSID on a Nintendo DS?

You cant find SSID on ds you have to know it from your computer and type it in your DS.