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There is no Webkinz Nintendo DS game.

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Q: WHERE CAN You find webkinz games for ds?
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Are they going to make webkinz for ds?

I don't know... That would be a fun game! I will let you know if I find out!

How do you get other games on webkinz?

You cannot get games on Webkinz. The people who made Webkinz can do it, but you cannot.

Where can you find lots of free Nintendo ds games plzzz help?

As far as I know i dont think you can get free ds games.

How expensive is a new DS and say 5 games?

You could find new Nintendo ds and five games for 200$ to 250$.

Will there be a Webkinz DS game?

No probably not because webkinz has to hook up to the internet. No please add me on webkinz i have no items please send me some thanks my user is glazierdrive

Where can you find the Nintendo ds game nintencats?

at a games shop

Where can one find a comprehensive list of games for the Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo website has a list of all of the current games put out for the Nintendo DS. There is also a comprehensive list on the Wikipedia page "List of Nintendo DS games."

Where do you find a ds download program to play ds games?

you can go to Toys r us and they have ds download stations but the games wont stay on your ds. you can go but so far before the game cuts off.

How do you have a lot of money in webkinz with out playing there games?

you can answer the poll question if you click on contact us. you can do the webkinz jobs and u can play the webkinz games anyway!

I can't find the product code on any of my DS games. I need it for

the product code is in the box you had the ds in

Is there a new sonic game on ds?

Depending on when you asked this question. There are many games of sonic for the ds such as Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games. You could find out on

How can you play Nintendo DS games on PC?

You can't play nintendo DS games on a PC; you can however find a modular for your PC, which will allow you to download games on the web to play on the PC.