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By going to the mountain between Ecruteak City and Mahogany Tow, you will find Marill. Although Marill appears only 10% of the time in the cave.

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Q: Where can you find a marill in Pokemon Crystal?
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Where can you find a Pokemon on land whom you can teach surf Pokemon crystal?

Marill. You can get it in Mt. Mortar if you just walk around for a bit.

Can you find marill in route 104?

Marill is a water type of Pokemon which is featured in the Pokemon anime. It is not possible to find one on route 104 on Pokemon sapphire.

Where can you find dark pulse in Pokemon crystal?

In Pokemon Crystal.

Where to find marill in pokemon sapphire?

Theres a pretty sweat glitch, you have to find the white rock outside the space station clikc on it 7 times and then find the nearist rock and run round it 20 times, do this 5 times and then the next pokemon you get will be a Marill

Where can you find marill in pokemon pearl?

in the great marsh but its weak better catch a buizel

How do you find azumarill in Pokemon emerald version?

You can't you must train marill to get azumarill.

Where do you find professor Oak in Pokemon Crystal?

What the hell is a Pokemon crystal

What is evolution cycle for the Pokemon marill in LeafGreen?

Marill evolves to Azumarill and its preevolution is Azurill.

How do you find Charizard Pokemon Crystal?

You can't find Charizard in Pokemon Crystal. You have to trade it from Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow.

Where do you find a marill in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You find it in mt.Cornet... i haven't found one there yet but that's what the pokedex in the game says so i doubt it's wrong You can find marill at the safari zone in the meadow

How do you evolve marill in Pokemon diamond?

Marill evolves into Azumarill at level 18.

When does the Pokemon marill evolve?

Azurill > Happiness > Marill > lvl 18 > Azumarill