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Q: Where can you find a copy of The World Is An Apple by alberto florentino?
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Copy of The world is an apple by Alberto Florentino?

bulok. HAHAHAH!

Copy of the world is like an apple?

You can get the whole script of "The World is an Apple" by Alberto Florentino in a book called Echoes for the First Year Level. :)

Copy of a world is an apple?

a world is an apple by aberto s. florentino

What is the whole script of The Dancers by Alberto Florentino?

Filipino Playwright Alberto Florentino's plays are available on various online booksellers. Amazon, Powell's and Alibris are a few to check out. See Related Links. If you want someone to give you a copy of the play "for free", the best place in the world for that is a library. With your I.D., a library will then give you a card (there might be a modest $1-3 fee). Once you have a library card, you can check out books for a few weeks before returning them for someone else to enjoy. A reference librarian is an excellent resource who can help you find what you are looking for. If the library does not have a particular book or play in stock, they can usually borrow it from another library for you.

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