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there are a lot of imps near karamja volcano on karamja island

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Q: Where can you find a bunch of imps in runescape?
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Where can you find imps on runescape?

Imps are found all over runescape. There are some by the sheep farm in lumbridge, a bunch by the Karamja volcano, there are some by and in falador, few by Rimmington, I believe there's one near the Ice Mountain, etc. Like I said, they're every where.

Where are imps in RuneScape?

I usually find Imps running in and around Varrok and Falador, but i have seen them all over!

Where are red dragons in RuneScape?

They are called imps, you can fight them they are L2 imps

Where can you find a dirty blast on RuneScape?

You make one by adding ashes (which are dropped by imps) to a fruit blast.

My snow imps name is boris on runescape where can I find jack frost?

Near Port Sarim, look for a snow patch.

Where can you find a lot of imps on runescape?

God wars dungeon, north of Yanille, and south of Falador are some good examples.

What imps have the yellow and white beads in runescape?

Imps drop all colors when it comes to beads, they're all part of a random drop.

Where can you find chefs hat in runescape?

You can buy a chef's hat at the Fancy Dress Shop in Southeast Varrock. It is dropped by imps and goblins, also.

Where do you find an imp in runscape?

Imps are found randomly around runescape, as with implings, however one usually resides south of falador and one by barbarian village

Where are the four imps that have the wizards beads in runescape?

The imp finding quest in the free world in RuneScape is among one of the most annoying. Mostly because there is not one specific location for the coloured bead drops. Imps have the ability to roam quite freely through several areas of RuneScape, and so finding them is not so easy. They also have the ability to teleport away from you at any given time, making it even harder to keep track of them. Your safest bet for finding the imps in reasonable number, is to head to Karamja. Once you reach the dock head to the east and walk to the top of the volcano. The imps are usually down the south cliff face of this volcano. Be warned however that there are level 12 giant scorpions for anyone who might find it hard to deal with them. The rest of it is down to luck. All imps in the free world have a chance of dropping them, so really it is just a case of killing every imp you find and hoping for the best.

Where can you find onions on RuneScape?

You can find onions in a bunch of places. Farms can have them, some produce stores have them, a bunch of players may have them, or you can buy them off the Grand Exchange.

How do you complete the imp catcher quest on runescape?

buy the beads on grand extange or kill millions of imps until you get them all