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go to the address below when you get on the page, scroll half way down and you should see SONIC BATTLE M.E with all the sonic characters appearing . its a full mugen game, but if you just want the characters then open the folder named "CHARS" . all the sonic characters will be there.

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Q: Where can you find Sonic characters for MUGEN?
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Where can you download sonic the werehog for mugen?

Downloads for sonic, tails and most sonic characters for mugen

How do you find sonic mugen characters?

on www.marat's mugen archive there should be a robotnik boss pack and a sonic character pack and on mugen masters there should be a sonic battle pack but no super sonic. www.marat's mugen archive there should be a robotnik boss pack and a sonic pack and on mugen master's there should be every character for sonic battle.

What are the main characters in the Mugen Chars video game?

Some of the main characters in the Mugen Chars video games are Sonic, Sponge Bob, Mario, Goku, and Luigi. The Mugen Chars video games have many minor characters.

Where to find MUGEN characters?

My personal favorite sites are and you can find almost anything for mugen.

Where can you find Naruto characters for MUGEN? search the naruto characters u want, and put mugen in the front always, like mugen sasuke

Where can you find marvel mugen pocket characters?

Where can you can find a Super Sonic 3 for MUGEN?

Bigshowofall has one on his youtube account

Where can you get classic sonic for mugen? and tape in classic sonic

Where you can download sonic mugen for PC?


How do you get super sonic for mugen?

get the download file

Where can you download Dark Super Sonic for Mugen?

Im just saying any video or anything you lookin at they just put some stuff on it or mustive been a lie well I paint a Dark Super Sonic and animate it before here is a link for it: Fgaara it says gaara but the guy screwed up when he posted it.

Where can you find all about sonic Charterers?

You can find Sonic characters at Wikipedia and Google.