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On route 218 when you battle a trainer. the man with blonde hair who is a guitarist

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Q: Where can you fight a trainer with kricketune in Pokemon platinum?
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What trainer has a medichan in Pokemon platinum?

the gymleader that specalizes in fight

What trainer has a Misdrevis Pokemon platinum?

The first guy you fight when you get out of heartdrome city

What trainer has an ambpiom in platinum?

those clowns that u can sumtimes fight in Pokemon centers

Where to fight feebas trainer in Pokemon platinum?

its between lake valor and sunnyshore city

How do you find a trainer who has number 007 on the Pokemon platinum game to fight?

you don't they are dead i killed them.

What trainer has a gardevouir on Pokemon Platinum?

There is a cameraman-and-reporter duo wanting to fight you in a Pokemon Center, and the reporter has a Gardevoir in Level mid-50's.

Where can you fight a trainer with sudowoodo in Pokemon platinum?

As soon as you get out of mouton conet to snowpiont city you go the latter and walk and the is girl. That has one

What Trainer has a Weavile in Pokemon Platinum?

If you are looking to complete your Pokedex, then you shouldn't worry, because you will fight Cyrus in the Distortion World, And he will have a weavile.

Can you fight someone with a shuckle in platinum?

In the Survival Area, inside of the Battleground/Expert Trainer Cafe, you will sometimes see Pkmn Trainer Buck, who will throw out Shuckle as his first Pokemon.

In Pokemon platinum if you beat a frontier brain in gold print can you fight them in the top trainer cafe?

NO - only Gym Leaders and the Stat trainers appear in the Battleground (your 'top trainer cafe').

Where can you find a trainer with burmys evolve in Pokemon platinum?

route214 the beauty about 1/4 or 1/2 off the way down but i would just fight every trainer on the route

How do you fight prof rowan on Pokemon Platinum?

ask who created pokemon platinum