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After you beat the Pokemon league and get the National Dex, you will be able to get to the Battle Zone. The battle zone is comprised of 3 areas: the fight area included. The fight area is basically a place to test your skills as a trainer as you strive for the top of the battle tower.

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Q: How can you get to the fight area on Pokemon Platinum?
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Where is the battle salon in Pokemon platinum?

in the fight area

Super rod in pokemon platinum?

A fisherman at the fight area gives it to you.

Where do you get a super rod Pokemon Platinum?

You can receive a Super Rod from a fisherman in the Fight Area on Pokemon Platinum, Diamond and Pearl.

Where do you catch a banette in Pokemon platinum?

you catch banette at the fight area, resort area or survival area

What do you do at the fight area on Pokemon Platinum?

In the fight area you can access the Battle Frontier, and route 225 to Survival area, or route 230 to Resort area.

Whereto find super rod in Pokemon platinum?

You can get it from a fisherman at the fight area.

How do you get to resort area on Pokemon platinum?

you have to have beat Pokemon league and get the national pokedex then go to the snowpoint city and sail to fight area. go east of the fight area and go strait on.

How do you get past the people in the fight area that are blocking your way to the resort area in pokemon platinum?

Catch all the pokemon in the region. Get the national pokedex

Where is the Battle Area in Pokemon Platinum?

I think you are mixing up the battle area with the battle frontier at fight area. That's my answer

Where is gyardos in Pokemon platinum?

it can be found in a lot of places in platinum. just use the super rod you got from the fisherman in the fight area.

How do you get the two Pokemon platinum guys at the reasort area to move?

fight team Gaelic and then there gone

On Pokemon Platinum where do you get a super rod?

Find a fisherman in the Fight Area It is at northwest area (top left)