Where can you catch an Abra?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can catch them on the route where you catch the Kadabra...

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Q: Where can you catch an Abra?
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How do you catch an Abra?

you catch it on route 24 and 25

Do you need pokeradar to catch Abra in diamond?

No, you can find Abra on Route 203.

How do you catch Abra yellow?

You can catch an Abra from:Wild: Routes 5, 6, 7 and 8.Special: Casino of Celadon City (230 coins).

How do you catch a Abra?

Abra is found in most games like in firered you can get it on route 24 or the game corner.

How do you get a twisted spoon in Pokemon emerald?

You can get a twistedspoon from a wild Abra. You can use the move Thief or Covet on a wild Abra to get a twistedspoon, or you can catch the Abra, but you might have to catch or use Thief or Covet on a whole bunch of them because it is only a 5% chance that a wild Abra will hold a twistedspoon.

Where to you catch an Abra in Ruby?

granite cave in dewford

How do you catch Abra in Pokemon Black and White?

You can't catch it in Black, but you can catch it in White. In the White Forest.

How do you catch Abra in Pokemon emerald?

I tried paralyzing it but the Abra teleports before i use stun spore. I can't catch it.

How do you catch a shiny Abra?

same way you catch any other shiny pokemon. what i suggest is that you use the matsuda method with hatching eggs (seeing as how abra is a pain to catch in the first place). this may take a while but you should get it eventually.

Where do you catch a kadabra at?

You cant catch a Kadabra. You have to train Abra to level 16 to get Kadabra. Hope i helped :)

What psycihc can you catch Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

abra and ralts are two of them

How do you get to one island in Pokemon Yellow?

Catch an Abra