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male burmy evovles to mothim at lvl 20 and female burmy evolves to the other form which i do not remember.


Female Burmy evolves to Wormadam


Male Burmy at level 20 = Mothim

Female Burmy at level 20 = Wormadam

to sum it all up...

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Q: Where can you catch Mothim in Pokemon diamond?
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On Pokemon Diamond what evolves into mothim?

Only male Burmy evolve into mothim. Put honey on trees to catch burmy. Female burmy evolve into wormadam.

What is the evolution before mothim in Pokemon diamond?

Before Mothim would be a male Burmy.

How do you catch a mothim in Pokemon indigo?

by creating your room with mothim in. fire blaze doesn't work. it will steel your Pokemon.

What is number 47 on the Sinnoh pokedex on Pokemon diamond?


What is the pre-evolved form of mothim in Pokemon pearl an diamond?

Burmy evolves into mothim at level 20 (male only)

Do any trainers in Pokemon diamond have a mothim besides in route 217?

Sorry no...... But you can catch a Burmy on honey trees though!! P.S. The Burmy has to be a boy or else it will evolve into a Wormadam Actually, an Ace Tranier on route 210 has a Mothim.

How do you evolve a burmy into a mothim in pokemon diamond?

A male Burmy will become a Mothim at around lv20, whereas a female will become a Wormadam.

On Pokemon diamond how do you get a mothim in your poke dexs?

raise any boy burmy

In the Sinnoh pokedex what Pokemon is number 47 on Pokemon Diamond?

It's Mothim, the third evolution of Burmy.

What is the evolution of burmy on Pokemon diamond?

The evolutions of burmy are wormadam for female and mothim for male.

Where do you find a mothim in Pokemon indigo?

i am pretty sure u have to catch a burmy and evolve it to a mothim otherwise it will evolve into a wormadam and i dont think wormadam evolves to mothim. HoPeD i HeLpEd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Marshmellow10

Do any trainers in Pokemon diamond have a mothim?

on route 210 there is an ace trainer with a mothim (it is easy for me lol) its an easy Pokemon anywayHintuse a fire type Pokemon k! your welcome (if it helped) :)HOLMZ ANSWERED IT! GO HOLMZ!!!!!