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You can get it at Kmart, Big W, target or toys R us in Australia

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Q: Where can you buy puffle keyring toys?
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Where can you buy a cascada keyring from?

I think you can buy a cascada keyring in rochdale a shop called keyrings

How do you get puffle furniture for non members 2013?

You can't get puffle furniture unless you're a member. You can buy TOYS for your puffles though. Just go to the puffle catalouge. Add me! Grace17dec

What is the code for pet furniture club penguin to unlock items online?

You have to buy the Puffle toys at Toys R Us. Then there will be a code for you to unlock.

How do you find the black puffle in club penguin?

either you can buy it or get one from the treasure book (you can find it in toys)

How do you sell puffle toys on club penguin?

Unfortunatly you can't sell puffle toys. I made that mistake for myself! Add me! Grace17dec

How do you get a 2013 white puffle from club penguin and not be a member?

To get a white puffle on club penguin without being a member, you have to buy a white puffle toy from a store like Walmart or Toys R Us and unlock the code you get with it online. With this you will get a white puffle. There is no other way to do this.

How do you find hidden puffle toys?

Click on the s in toys and you will find a puffle condo! hope this helped! The puffle condo may be gone by the time you read this you never know but try if you want it!

Will there be a brown puffle?

There is a brown puffle now. He is brainy and one of his toys is a space craft.

Why would people buy a wenlock keyring?


How do you get a white puffle with out being a member?

Buy a toy for it from 'Toys R US' or 'Walmart' stores and unlock the attached code online.

Do you have to buy a leash for your puffle?

No, you do not have to buy a leash for your puffle. You also don't have to be a member to walk your puffle.

How do you make your puffle follow you in club penguin?

You have to walk your puffle to make it follow you. To do this, go to your igloo and click your puffle. Go to the toys' corner and drag the leash to the puffle.