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You have to walk your puffle to make it follow you. To do this, go to your igloo and click your puffle. Go to the toys' corner and drag the leash to the puffle.

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Q: How do you make your puffle follow you in club penguin?
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Did some club penguin fans make a club puffle?

ya they did type in club puffle .com

How do you get a puffle to excrete in Club Penguin?

Sorry but you can not make puffles excrete in club penguin.

How do you make a puffle have a baby on club penguin?

You can't really make a puffle have a baby.

What game does orange puffle play club penguin?

I'm sorry but Club Penguin hasn't been able to make a game for the orange puffle to play on.

How do you make your puffle better if its sick on club penguin?

You feed it.

What sound does a puffle make in club penguin?

they dont have tungs

What do have to d o to make a fire on Club Penguin?

you use the puffle and give him a puffle -o

How do you make the puffle icon on club penguin?


On Club Penguin is there a silver puffle?

no theres not a silver puffle. but they might make one

Can you make your puffle poo on club penguin?

if you want to make your own puffle, get a sock of any color, and fill it with rice. then tie a knot in the top of the sock so no rice comes out. then draw a cute little puffle face, and now you have a puffle!( FYI, that's how u make a puffle. its imposible to make puffle poo on club penguin.)

How do you make the green puffle happy in club penguin?

You play with it a lot.

How do you make your puffle a raibow in club penguin?

You can not do it anymore, it was in a puffle catalog a long time ago. sorry!