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you cant there is only one

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Q: Where can you buy master balls in Pokemon heartgold?
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How do you buy master balls?

From what I know, You can't BUY master balls in Pokemon.

How do you get 99 master balls in Pokemon heartgold?

you can't you need to use an action replay code

Are there cheats for Pokemon HeartGold on an xploder system?

yes,but you have to buy the updated version[it will say "Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver compatible"on the front of the box] there great cheats - i got all Pokemon legendaries! -x999 master balls! and - a lot of hard to get Pokemon!

How do you buy master balls in heartgold?

you cant buy master balls but if u defeat the elite 4 and talk to pro. elm he will give u one

Where can you buy master balls in Pokemon?

Master balls cannot be brought, only given or won.

How do you buy master balls on Pokemon platinum?

You can't.

How do you get infinity master balls on Pokemon HeartGold?

You need action replay. You buy it at a store then hook it up to your DS or DSI the, you type in codes that you get from Youtube. GOOD LUCK :-)

Where can you buy a master ball on Pokemon sapphire?

Master balls cannot be bought in any Pokemon game.

What is the code for master balls in Pokemon Emerald?

Master Code: D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5 Buy Master Balls Code: 82005274 0001

How do you get more master balls in pokemon leafgreen?

buy them at walmart

In Pokemon platinum where do you go to buy master balls?

sorry you cant buy masterballs

How do you get poke balls in Pokemon Heartgold?

You buy them from the poke store or trade apricorns to Kurt and he makes them