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Buy a Action replay and stuff

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Q: How do you get Master Balls and rare candies cheat in Pokemon?
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How do you get 999 rare candies and master balls in Pokemon platinum?

To do this you need to have action replay. Cheat codes are all over websites.

What is the cheat for unlimmitted master balls?

Master balls are the best kind of Pokeballs you can get on the game Pokemon. The cheat for unlimited master balls is to use the Missing No glitch.

How do you get infinate master balls in Pokemon HeartGold?


What is the cheat to get master balls in pearl?

In Pokemon pearl, the beginning, if you have pressed Y, you'll get cheat: 999 masterballs, 999 rare candies, 999 leftovers....You may even go through stuff! P.S. I have cheat.

How do you get unlimited master balls in Pokemon firered?

You can't!you have to cheat

What is Pokemon leafgreen cheat for infinite master balls?


Is there a ar cheat on Pokemon platinum to get 999 master balls?


How do you cheat unlimited master balls in Pokemon emerald?

You can't have unlimited master balls although u can give the master ball to a Pokemon and duplicate it at battle frontier

How do you fix cheat code master ball and rare candy in Pokemon Gold?

what cheat code did you use there are many cheats for master balls and rare candies in pokemon gold and are you trying to get more because you have ran out then press L and R at the same time with your action replay on trying to get rid of them sell them

How do you get the code to get unlemed master balls in Pokemon diamond?

Type the any Pokemon cheat

How do you get ten master balls in Pokemon Pearl?

I don't know. But i know how to get 999. You buy a DS cheat cartridge. You then put in Pokemon pearl THEN the cheat cartridge THEN you click on Pokemon pearl/diamond and then click on Pokemon 999 Master balls.

How can you get 99 master balls in Pokemon ruby?

cheat codes or gameshark