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Q: How do you get infinate master balls in Pokemon HeartGold?
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How many master balls are there in pokemon heartgold?


What is the action replay code for masterballs in Pokemon emerald?

Infinate master balls in pc: c674b60f b309f994

How many master balls do you get in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

Only one.

Where can you buy master balls in Pokemon heartgold?

you cant there is only one

How do you get master balls in Pokemon HeartGold?

Using Hacks or just One given to you.

How do you get infinate master balls in Pokemon emerald?

you cant get infinate master balls but you can dupicate them and dont tell me how to duplicate i cant be stuffed to speak go through the game with out your master ball or trade one and after you beat the elet four go to the battle frontier and go to the battle town then use the cloning glitch.

Is it possible to get 2 master balls in Pokemon HeartGold?

yes and try drawings... T_T

How many master balls can you get in Pokemon heartgold?

1 unless you get first in Pokemon lottery in the goldenrod radio tower

How do you get more master balls in Pokemon heartgold?

First if you dont know you are retards second im not telling

Pokemon HeartGold how to get 234 master balls without ar?

you cant dude. thank you come again

How can i get 493 master balls in HeartGold?

with action replay you can get 999 master balls

How do you get infinite master balls for Pokemon heartgold?

well you can but you need to use the action replay to or else it is impossilble cuz there is a code to get 900 master balls (remember you need a action replay)