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Get rid of some of the master balls! the number of master balls you have is the number of the pokemon

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Q: If you have the Pokemon modifier but it only gives you arceus on Pokemon Diamond?
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Who gives you arceus in heartgold?

You have to get it on Pokemon diamond/ pearl then send it over (or use an action replay)

Where do you get Arceus in soul silver?

You get it from action replay and get it from a man in a green uniform and he gives u your Pokemon ARCEUS!!!!!!!!

When do you get the Arceus flute in Pokemon diamond?

You can get arceus only by having an Action Replay for DS or by an event. You get the flute when you insert AR and select Arceus or azure flute. Press L+R before going into a pokemart and inside there is a person in there with a green outfit. Talk to him and he gives you the Azure Flute.

Can you find Arceus in Pokemon Black and White?

No, BUT there's an event that will release in Feb. that gives you a Lv. 100 Arceus.

I do the poke modifier code but it only gives me the same Pokemon?


What do if the Pokemon modifier only gives you 397 balls?

bad code

When you use the Pokemon modifier and the same Pokemon keeps coming what do you do?

That Is What A Pokemon Modifier Does, It Turns All Wild Pokemon Into The Desired Pokemon You Chose. Go Back To The Website Where You Got The Code And Reread The Directions. If It Gives Master Balls Throw Away The Master Balls Until You Get To The Pokemon You Want For Example, If Arceus Is The Wild Pokemon And You Wanted Darkrai To Appear Throw Away 2 Master Balls To Get Darkrai To Appear Or If You Wanted A Bulbasaur,Continuing From Darkrai Throw Away 490 Master Balls For Bulbasaur To Appear.

Who gives you the belts in Pokemon diamond?

you do not get belts

My friend told me that there is a Pokemon on diamond named the original one and I can't seem to find it. How do you find it?

It refers to Arceus - the creator of the Pokemon universe. Arceus can be caught as part of a Nintendo Event; atop the Spear Pillar. But this event which gives you the azure flute has never been released everywhere, so people can only get it by cheating or by the movie 12 event.

What Pokemon comes out of the egg in Pokemon diamond when the guy gives it to you?


Where is the berry juice in Pokemon Diamond?

well i know that you can find wiki berries when you plant one of this on the earth. so you need to wait some hours in the game. next you go to the earth where you plant de wiki berry and take it.

What cheat gives you all the Pokemon on Pokemon diamond?

There isn't one yet.