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There is NOT a Deoxys fossil. Deoxys is extinct, as there isn't an event in the WORLD that gives him away.

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Q: Where is the deoxeys fossil in Pokemon diamond?
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What is in the shield fossil in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Its a sheildon fossil

What are the extinct Pokemon names in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

diamond- skull fossil- cranidos-rampardos pearl-armor fossil- sheldon-bastiodon

How do you get helix fossil in Pokemon diamond?

Who cares about pokemon get a LIFE

How do you get regice fossil in Pokemon diamond?

look for a difrent pokemon

Were do you get a shiledon on Pokemon diamond?

From the fossil that you choose.

What are the fossil Pokemon in diamond?

fossil Pokemon are:Aerodactyl,cranidos,kabuto,anorith,lilleep forget my spelling

What Pokemon type is Deoxys?

Deoxeys is a pure psychic type

Where to get Crandos in Pokemon Pearl?

Trade with diamond, Pokemon diamond only can get it from a iron ball like fossil

Can you find fossiles on Pokemon diamond if so what are they?

Yes the fossil is the skull fossil.

How do you get deyoes in Pokemon Diamond?

You must migrate from your other Pokemon games if you have any. Or you could of gotten deoxeys by the mystery gift. It was on June 27-29 so that is the ONLY two ways so far. Sorry.

A glich that makes you get to deoxeys in englinsh version of Pokemon diamond?

it doesn't happen, there is no glitch, it only happens in the Japanese versions. Plus, if you get an action replay, you can get him and all the other legendarys.

What do you do when you have skull fossil Pokemon diamond?

? i for got i am sorry :(