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You can buy them from Shady Sam, he is north of the stables outside of the imperial city along the wall. He is there day and night,

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Q: Where can you buy lockpicks in elder scrolls IV oblivion?
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The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion buy lockpicks?

join the thieves guild or the black hand, there can ya buy them, you can find info over how to do this on google, im sure, and the other way is cheats, but that is only for the computer. to do this pres ~, good luck!

Can you buy healing potions in elder scrolls oblivion?

Of course. Well actually, I prefer to steal them

Elder scrolls oblivion or goty edition for PS3 which has less glitches and which one is best to buy?

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (GOTY) since this one would have the least glitches, plus includes Knights of the nine and shivering isles expansions.

How good is elder scrolls 4 oblivion?

Very Very Very good two words buy it

On the elder scrolls oblivion where are lock picks?

You can buy them from Shady Sam

How do you get poison of paralyze on The Elder Scrolls IV oblivion?

buy it.find it on random loot or make it with alchemy

Does gamestop still sell the game oblivion by bethesda?

Yes you can still buy Elder Scrolls Oblivion at Gamestop, just sometimes it's out of stock.

Is there going to be a Elder Scrolls V Skyrim game of the year to buy like there was a Elder Scroll IV oblivion game edition of the year to buy?

Probably by the end of this year or next year

Where can you get lockpicks in oblivion?

u have to join a theifs clan and u can buy lock picks

How do you get elder scrolls iv oblivion on xbox live?

You can not buy the whole game on Xbox LIVE, but you can purchase the expansion pack: Shivering Isles.

Shall i buy motorstorm pacific rift or elder scrolls 4 oblivion?

baah! oblivion ive had both you will spend a year of intent playing in awe of this game LOADS of good stuff, then add mods! of the serenity!

Where can you buy scrolls in oblivion?

many traders will sell some lesser effect scrolls, the mages guild is free to join and will provide you with many spells and scrolls and when you enter an oblivion gate many deadra will drop useful scrolls