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Not 100% sure about general merchants but I know that all Thieves Guild members sell them. Just join the thieves guild.

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Q: Where can you buy lockpicks on oblivion?
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Where can you get lockpicks in oblivion?

u have to join a theifs clan and u can buy lock picks

Where can you buy lockpicks in elder scrolls IV oblivion?

You can buy them from Shady Sam, he is north of the stables outside of the imperial city along the wall. He is there day and night,

The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion buy lockpicks?

join the thieves guild or the black hand, there can ya buy them, you can find info over how to do this on google, im sure, and the other way is cheats, but that is only for the computer. to do this pres ~, good luck!

Who to buy lock picks from in oblivion?

If you join the thieves guild, you can buy 100 lockpicks from each fence and they get more evey once in a while. A good alternative is to complete The Shrine of Nocturnal Daedric Shrine Quest. The reward is the Skeleton Key, a never-breaking lockpick.

Who is the shady merchant outside of the Imperial City near the Chestnut Handy Stables in The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion?

In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the merchant in this location is called Shady Sam.He sells the player things like lockpicks and poisons.

Should you buy oblivion?

no. i already have it

Where to get stuff for your house in oblivion?

buy it

Where can you download Oblivion for PC legally?

Buy it and install it, there is no free and legal Oblivion download.

Where can I buy TES4 Oblivion official plugins for PC?

There are some free plugins at the Oblivion Nexus (I think).

Where is it cheapest to buy lockpicks?

The cheapest I have been able to find good quality lock picks are at A link has been added to this answer for your convenience.

Where can you buy a soul trap spell in oblivion?

You can buy it at Anvil's Mage Guild.

How do you buy a house in oblivion shivering isles?

You can't buy any in the isles