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You are given a TM when you will need it.

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Q: Where can i make m Pokemon relearn flash in Pokemon heart gold?
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If you lose flash in Pokemon Heart Gold how do you get it back?

you can buy flash at the department stores

Where do you get flash in Pokemon Heart Gold?

you buy them at the big pokemart at golden rod city

Where do you find a Pokemon that knows flash in heart gold?

I dont think that there are any pokemon that know it without a tm. Get a togepi, togetic or togekiss and a flash tm. They can learn that move

What Pokemon can learn flash in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Flash is an initial move learned by Volbeat in Generation IV. For the Pokemon who can learn Flash through TM70 in Generation IV, see

How do you get darkriy in Pokemon heart gold in Pokemon heart gold?

It's Darkrai. You can't get him in Heart Gold.

What is the difference between Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon Gold?

Pokemon Heart gold is different from Pokemon Gold cuz heart gold has better graphics new Pokemon and new events

Were do you get flash in Pokemon Gold?

From the dungeon

What level does poliswine learn ancient power in Pokemon heart gold?

You have to talk to the Move Tutor for Piloswine to relearn it. An alternative is to breed a Swinub with Ancientpower as an egg move or to take it to a Move Tutor.

How do you light up dark caves Pokemon heart gold?

Use the HM Flash this is given by the sage at the top of sprout tower.

Who is flash in Pokemon HeartGold?

On Pokemon Heart gold Version flash is a TM, TM 70 to be exact and is sold in goldenrod city department store or you can do this.... Or you can obtain it for free at Violet City's Sprout Tower. Or this Or that wth? And what is .... anyway?

What Pokemon can learn flash in Pokemon gold?

Most electric types can learn flash like voltorb and magnemite.

How do you get shedinja in Pokemon heart gold?

To get a Shedinja in Pokemon Heart Gold you must trade it from either Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald. Jacko25