Where can I get Pokemon colleseum?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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"Where can I get Pokemon colleseum?"

Pokemon Colleseum is no longer available in stores, but might be available on Ebay.

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Q: Where can I get Pokemon colleseum?
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Why can't you battle your friends with Pokemon over level 30 in Pokemon pearl?

You can. Just go to the club colleseum. You must be battling in the wireless club room.

How do you get a jirachi and Deoxys?

Jirachi is one of the hardest Pokemon to obtain. Here are ways how you get it: Pokemon Colleseum bonus disc Pokemon event Pokemon channel Other downloads Trade Illegal cheats: gameshark codes etc. (not recommended)

How do you teach Pikachu surf?

In Pokemon HG/SS you can unlock a route for your PokeWalker called YellowForest where you can catch only pikachu on the route. You need to have 9500+ steps to get a flying/surfing pikachu, and the chances are slim. You also have a very high chance of catching pikachus that know volt tackle, too. Good luck. If not you can obtain it in Pokemon Colleseum and trade it into your DS game. (Pokemon D/P and Pokemon HG/SS only).

How do you get to Navel Rock in Pokemon Emerald?

To get to navel rock you need either a Nintendo event or a action replay!!!! I know how to do it but I just can't do it because i don't have the things i need! The event is long gone but you can still cheat To be precise, you need a ticket. A more efficient way to get Lugia/Ho-Oh would be to buy Pokemon Xd and Pokemon Colleseum. To get Lugia in XD you need to, in the final fight with Greevil, use the Snag Machine on Shadow Lugia. Then when you unlock all the chambers in the Purification room or something, you can purify Lugia. In Colloseum, you need to purify all Pokemon to get Ho-Oh You can get gba action replays from eBay for realy cheep i tried but i lost the bidding by 20p!!! ive never had Pokemon xd or colloseum so i don't no anythig about thoes games

How do you get Jirachi without cheats on ruby?

You cant catch jirachi in Ruby,Sapphire,Emerald,LeafGreen, FireRed, Pearl or Diamond, without using cheats, or attending certain special events. HOWEVER You can still get jirachi into your game. First off you need a Nintendo Gamecube with Pokemon Colleseum and its LIMITED release bonus disc. (Try eBay if you don't have it) Once you have this you simply connect your gameboy and trade away. Its difficult, expenisive, and mostly pointless, HOWEVER you can do it -----> afrony!!~

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What legendaries are in Pokemon colleseum?


Where can you play Pokemon colleseum online?

you can't

What is the Pokemon colleseum in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no Pokemon colleseum in Pokemon fire red If you are talking about trainer tower it is the place where you select a Pokemon of your choice and battle trainers on every floor. You get a prize if you beat all the trainers

Where find Lugia in Pokemon LeafGreen?

off of a Pokemon event or trade of Pokemon colleseum

How can you catch Jirachi?

By buying the Pokemon Colleseum Demo.

Where is secc in Pokemon colleseum?

he is not in Colosseum but he is in xd ver.

Where do you catch Jirachi in Pokemon?

You need to get the Pokemon Colleseum disk. Jirachi can be traded from Pokemon Channel.

What is Pokemon colleseum?

its a game when you get to go to any region you want

How do you see every Pokemon in FireRed?

Battle every trainer and Trade with Pokemon colleseum

Where are the steel dentures on Pokemon colleseum?

You have to find UFO disk L

Can you get a master ball in Pokemon colleseum?

nope.... i don't think so

How do you get deoxes in Pokemon colleseum?

You must trade from FR/LG/E.