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You can. Just go to the club colleseum. You must be battling in the wireless club room.

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Q: Why can't you battle your friends with Pokemon over level 30 in Pokemon pearl?
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What do you do in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl once you complete the National Dex?

Just train your Pokemon till they are all level 100 then battle your friends.

What do you do after you have caught all of the Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

Either level all your Pokemon to level 100, explore and discover cool places, battle against friends and rivals, or start over.

What is the quickest way to level up your Pokemon in pearl?

Battle the elite 4 with the Pokemon you want to level up in your party (make sure the Pokemon has the exp.share equipped with it) therefore you can level your Pokemon up without putting it in battle Hope I helped.

Where can you fight level 70s in Pokemon pearl?

Battle Frontier in one of the houses one on one of the islands you can battle the gym leaders with stronger pokemon.

Where is the battle frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

There is no Battle Frontier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Only the Battle Tower.

Where is the perfect place to train your lvl 70 and up Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

Stark mountain battle about 7 Pokemon then it will be level 73.

Where is the battle frointier in Pokemon Pearl?

there is no battle frontier in Pokemon pearl,but there is a battle tower. you can go there after you beat the elite 4

What Pokemon and level can battle Elite Four in Pokemon Pearl?

You can bring any pokemon,but be careful,if your on a low level,you get beaten up sould be level 55 or 60,70 that will be ok. Good luck!

Who wants to WiFi battle in Pokemon pearl with shiny Pokemon only?

umm i guess, but can i use 6 level 100 arceus?

What do you do in the haunted mansion in Pokemon Pearl?

Go to the room with the TV at night to battle a level 20 rotom!

How come you can not switch out Pokemon during a battle without clicking Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl only pearl?

you have your battle mode set to "set"

What do you do afteryou have been everywhere in Pokemon pearl?

You can battle your friends, catch all the Pokemon you have seen, trade with some people perhaps. Max out all of your Pokemon if you have time.