How do you teach Pikachu surf?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In Pokemon HG/SS you can unlock a route for your PokeWalker called YellowForest where you can catch only pikachu on the route. You need to have 9500+ steps to get a flying/Surfing pikachu, and the chances are slim. You also have a very high chance of catching pikachus that know volt tackle, too. Good luck. If not you can obtain it in Pokemon Colleseum and trade it into your DS game. (Pokemon D/P and Pokemon HG/SS only).

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Q: How do you teach Pikachu surf?
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How do you get a surfing Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow?

Find a Pikachu on red or blue, find the surfing hm, teach it surf, trade pikachu with another pokemon, and you have a surfing pikachu.

Can Pikachu learn surf in emerald?


When did ash's Pikachu learn surf?


What is the Pokemon episode that Pikachu learns how to surf called?

I used to have that movie. Was it the one where Pikachu finds another Pikachu that knows how to surf on a surfboard? If it was, I think it was called The Big One or something similar... Google it.

Can you teach Latia HM Surf?

yes you can teach it surf AND fly

If your pikachu forgets surf from the move deleter can it learn it back from the hm surf?

dats a neck he cant surf

Can you breed a smeargle that knows surf with a pikachu with volt tackle so theres a pikachu that knows surf?

yes unless i am troling DUCK ON DEZ BALLZACKS

In HeartGold My surfing Pikachu disappeared Why?

You must have released him by mistake using the Pokemon Center's computer or forgot to save the game after you caught him or taught him surf. HAHA! You cant teach Surf to Pikachu, it is a offer on Pokemon Battle Revalution. You may have got a corrupt bug, it will slowly remove a FEW Pokemon that makes you automaticlly have cheats.

Can Pikachu learn surf?

A pickachu is an electric type pokemon!!! you cant get a pickachu to learn surf because it isn't a surf type pokemon!!! but if you have an R4 chip there might be a cheat that lets you teach any move to any pokemon!! Hope i helped you!!

What would you get if you breed a flying Pikachu with a surfing Pikachu?

Absolutely nothing special. The moves Fly and Surf aren't hereditary which means that the newly-born Pichu won't know either one the moves. For more information on which moves you can teach Pichu using breeding, please see the Related Links down below. To the above: Surf is! I breeded my Empoleon and my Lv. 1 Piplup knows Surf and Hydro Pump!

How many volumes of Dengeki Pikachu are there?

Four Volumes:#1. The Electric Tale of Pikachu#2. Pikachu Shocks Back#3. Electric Pikachu Boogaloo#4. Surf's Up, Pikachu

What Pokémon's can use surf in Pokémon sliver?

Well there's a glitch thing that gets pikachu it(surf)