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In Castellia City, ones next to the fountain, ones in the alley with the two bald guys, and ones on the dock right below the alley. Hope this helps ;)

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Q: Where are the three dancers in Pokemon white?
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When was The Three Dancers created?

The Three Dancers was created in 1925.

How do you get Snivy in Pokemon white?

It is one of the three starter Pokemon

Can you catch the three regis in Pokemon White?

No, they will need to be traded.

Pokemon Black and White for ds light?

yes the Pokemon black and white games are on all three NDS, NDS lite, and NDSi ( XL )

When you have all three legendary Pokemon in Pokemon black and white what do you do with them?

If you havent beaten the Pokemon league then level them up a bit then defeat the Pokemon league

Is the white light a combination of colors?

sky dancers

What to do when you get the three orbs from gethis' servants in Pokemon white?

you don't have to to anything with the orbs. They only give you the orbs so if you transfer those legendary Pokemon to Pokemon black or white you can give those legendary Pokemon the orbs.

What are the Starters for Pokemon Black and White?

The three starter are Tepig a Fire-type Pokemon, Oshawott, a Water-type Pokemon and Snivy a Grass-type Pokemon.

Who is the three starter Pokemon in Pokemon black and white?

Fire: Tepig Water:Oshawatt Grass:Snivy These Pokemon have evoloutions that don't have English names yet.

Are there any white Alvin Ailey Dance Troupe dancers?

Yes - there are dancers of various races and ethnicities. I went to a performance today, and saw one white male and a white female, and there was also a Latino dancer.

Does Picasso appear in his painting The Three Dancers?

It is believed that the human shapes in the painting Three Dancers from 1925, refer to people close to Picasso bot not himself.

Where do you find all of Iris Pokemon in Pokemon White?

Iris in pokemon white has three dragon type pokemon.Fraxure and Haxorus-Evolved versions of Axew found in Mistralton CaveDruddigon- Found in Dragonspiral Tower