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The three starter are Tepig a Fire-type Pokemon, Oshawott, a Water-type Pokemon and Snivy a Grass-type Pokemon.

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Q: What are the Starters for Pokemon Black and White?
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What are the starters for black and white 2?

the same starters from pokemon white andblack oshawot tepig snivy

Where can you find the kanto starters on Pokemon Black and White?

You can't.

What starter Pokemon is going to be in Pokemon black and white 2?

same starters as the first black and white snivy oshawott and tepig

Can you get Pokemon black and white starters on Pokemon pearl without trading or having Pokemon black or white?

no it is immpossable unless you have an action replay with the Pokemon modifier code

What Pokemon distrubution for black and white?

Starters are Oshawatt Tepig and Snivy

Is there an action replay code to get black and white starters in Pokemon platinum?

No you get white and black Pokemon in th new game Pokemon? Sorry can't tell ya.

When does dewoot evolve in Pokemon Black?

Like all Pokemon starters in Pokemon Black and White, Dewott evolves into Samurott at Level 36.

Is zorau an in game Pokemon in Pokemon Black?

Yes, as far as we know it is. The new games, Pokemon Black and White, has new Pokemon such as the new starters and others.

What are starters for Pokemon Black and White?

the three starters are Tepig, the fire type, Oshowat, the water type, and Snivy, the grass type.

How can you get all three Pokemon starters in white version?

You start your game and get 1 starter then trade it. Then start the game again and pick a different starter. Do the same until you get all of the starters from Pokemon black and white.

Can you get Pokemon Black and White starters on other games?

No. Generation V Pokemon are only available in generation V games.

What are the starters for Pokemon Black and White 2?

Tepig ( fire type pokemon ), Snivy ( grass type pokemon ) and Oshawott ( water type pokemon )