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In the radio shack in goldenrod city go up the stairs 2 times and you have to battle this trainer and then you can open them!

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Q: Where are the shutters on 3f in heartgold?
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Where do you get the hm5 in Pokemon HeartGold?

Elder Li on 3F in the Sprout Tower.

Where are the shutters in Pokemon HeartGold?

The shutters are in the Radio tower. You need to go to the third floor and go to the sealed door where that lady is standing and use the key card.

Where is the shutter in Pokemon HeartGold?

The only shutters I have heard of in heartgold (or soulsilver) are in the goldenrod radio tower basement. You must open the shutters, get through, and fight rockets. this will bring you farther in the game.

How do you beat team rocket at the warehouse in goldenrod?

In the warehouse in goldenrod (make sure you have beaten the radio tower, and have the basement key) go to 3F of the radio tower and open the shutters then battle to beat them

Where are the shutters on 3f in Pokemon soul silver?

the 3rd floor on the building your on where the directer is yea that`s not the radio tower so go to the 1st floor and exit then go to the radio tower then go to the 3rd floor. and there you have it!

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How do you get teamrocket to leave the radiostation in HeartGold?

You have to go all the way up and beat a Rocket executive who was mimicking Giovani once you beat him he will give you a card to open the shutters on the 2nd floor

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