How do you get a turtwig on HeartGold?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You have to trade it to HeartGold from P/D/Pt

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Q: How do you get a turtwig on HeartGold?
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Will someone trade me a turtwig in heartgold?

i will my freind code is 54682-44359 Would you be willing to trade me a turtwig as well?

How do you catch turtwig in Pokemon HeartGold?

Turtwig is a Hoenn region starter Pokemon. Thus, it cannot be found in the wild for capture in HeartGold. However, after defeating Red at Mt. Silver, you have a chance to get a Turtwig. Go to Silph Co., talk to Steven (the Hoenn champion), and choose the green stone to get a Turtwig.

How do you get turtwig in pokemon heartgold?

link trade from diamond pearl or platinum

Can you catch Turtwig in HeartGold?

u cant catch turtwig in Pokemon heart gold unless u have a an action replay code :]

Will someone trade A turtwig to my Pokemon HeartGold?

whats your friend code i have a turtwig i will trade you give me friend code and tell me what Pokemon you will give me

How do you get turtwig in HeartGold?

Simply trade it from your Pokemon Diamond or Pearl game, or get one from the GTS. ~Lucario

What is the best starter in Pokemon?

it depends on the game. In firered and leafgreen its charmender, in pearl and planium its turtwig, in soulsilver or heartgold its todatile

How do you get a turtwig egg in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can breed Torterra with another Torterra or Grotle at the DayCare, but you can also breed it with a Ditto. The DayCare Man will tell you when there is an Egg for that, that would be a Turtwig.

Do you get turtwig on Pokemon HeartGold?

you cant you can get one by link cable(trade)from Pokemon d/p/pt(dimaomnd,pearl or platinum)you can trade from Pokemon diamond,pearl or platinum. soulsilver and heartgold are compatible with those games

Where to find a wild Turtwig in platinum?

its turtwig and u cant find a wild one but u can get it in GTS

Where do you get a turtwig egg in Pokemon Platinum?

You can not get a Turtwig egg in Pokemon Platinum. But if you breed a Turtwig with a Ditto, then it is possible.

How do you get the starter PokΓ©mon of shinnoh in Pokemon HeartGold?

there is no possible way of catching piplup chimpchar or turtwig in heartgold or soul silver, you would have to trade it wirelessly or by wifi from pearl diamond or plantinum. Hope i helped enjoy the world of Pokemon peeps. Not to make you sad but its spelt Sinnoh xx