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The are hats with miniature propellers. These types of hats have been around form many years.

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Q: Where are the propeller hats on Club Penguin?
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Where do you get the propeller hats in club penguin?

You get the hats in April Fools in the Docks place on your map :)

How do you use propeller hats on club penguin?

get naked and twirl in circles

How do you spinning hat on Club Penguin?

They are propeller hats and you can often find them at April Fools Day Parties. Hope this helps!

Where are cool hats in Club Penguin?

You can get quite cool hats even if your not a member if there is a party on club penguin!

How do you get a propeller cap on club penguin in 2010?

Im sorry but theres no pro peller hats now it only comes when rock hopper comes

How do get the bigger popellor on Club Penguin?

in G's lab, on a hook, is a couple of hats. one of them has a propeller on it. grab it, give it to the puffle, and also give it a cookie.

How do you get the propeller hat in Club Penguin?

buy it

Are wigs hats?

On club penguin they do count as hats!

How do you use hats on Club Penguin?

You Don't Use Hats. You Wear Them To Costimize Your Penguin.

What are puffle hats?

puffle hats are hats that your pet puffle on club penguin can wear. most puffle hats are for members only, but if you have an account on club penguin you can see for yourself.

Where do you find the propeller on club penguin misssion 8?

In Club Penguin Mission 8, you get the propeller hat at the PSA Headquarters. Once you get the propeller hat, head to the dock so you can get the lantern after speaking with Herbert.

How do you get the propeller cap in Club Penguin?

You get it in the Festival of Flight.