Where are the orbs in platinum?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Giratinas griseous orb is in the reverse world, you'll have to capture giratina and go back into the reverse world to obtain it. As for dialgas and palkias these are found in mount coronet...I'm not sure if you have to beat the elite 4 first or not...but when you encounter palkia and dialga they are at level 70 so goodluck

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Q: Where are the orbs in platinum?
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How do you get the orbs in platinum?

it is in mt.cornet out side in the snow and there is a cave then you have to use the hm move warterfall and then there should be a cave there are the orbs.

In platinum how do you get Dialga?

you get the 2 orbs and then go to spear piller

Do you need an action replay to get the last two orbs on Pokemon platinum?


Where do you get the orbs you need to catch Dialga and Palkia in Pokemon Platinum?

You dont need the orbs to catch them,but you can get there orb at the end of spearpillar ( past palkia and dailga )

What is the Action Replay Code for 999 Life Orbs on Pokemon Platinum?

at the start you go to the normal ur place where you get the life orbs and there will be a whole stock of them.

Pokemon platinum where do you find the adament and lutrous orb?

find orbs in the road to spear pillar

Action replay code for 999 griseous orbs in platinum?

D2000000 35364690 b2100000 e3056310

Where do you get the two orbs in platinum?

in mt cornet near the top where you have to rock climb in a cave beside the rock climb

In Pokemon Platinum when I get to the cave where the Lustrous and Adamant orbs are supposed to be there's only a rock how do I find the orbs?

you can only get them when you beat the sinnoh dex i accedentily sold the orbs the same day i found out you need them to battle dialga and palkia. p.s. that rock in there, the front of it holds a stone plate.

Where are the two orbs in Pokemon platinum?

Finally, someone who doesn't want action Replay Codes. Go to Mt. Corneret, and travel upward, until you find a waterfall. Travel up it and inside are the two orbs.

How do you get Dialga Palkia in platinum?

After you beat the elite 4, bring a adamant and lustrous orbs to spear pillar.Plz send feedback!

Pokemon platinum how to get the orbs?

you use your explorer kit to go underground and dig them up in the treasure finding mini game