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you have to earn stamps

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Q: Where are the new stamps on Club Penguin?
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When will the new stamps on Club Penguin come out?

New stamps keep coming out on club penguin.

Are there any more club penguin stamps?

Yes, new stamps are being released every once in a while!

What are the new stamps that were added for the Fair in Club Penguin?

you have to get 50 tickets and buy it at the forest

Where are most of the stamps in club penguin?

Check your stamp book so that you know where, how, and what stamps you can earn in club penguin. According to me, this question is not practical.

How do you get all stamps in club penguin?

its simple do them

When are the stamps in Club Penguin are over?


Where is the new stamp on club penguin for march?

Check your stamp book to be updated with the latest stamps.

Where is the stamp in club penguin for october in 2010?

Check your stamp book for the latest stamps on club penguin.

What is the stamp for Club Penguin February?

Check your stamp book to know the latest stamps on club penguin.

How do you get your stamps on game day to your clyub penguin account without wi fi?

Its not possible. Your Wii has to be connected to your wi-fi to upload your club penguin game day stamps to club penguin.

Where are the character stamps on Club Penguin?

Be in the same room as them

Has anyone got all the stamps on club penguin?