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Usually im guessing under the Y coordinate 15, you'll find diamonds there.

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Q: Where are the diamonds in Minecraft?
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What is more valuable diamonds or rubies?

i think its diamonds!(like in minecraft)

Can you get diamonds in classic Minecraft?

No; diamonds were not yet implemented in Minecraft Classic. (v. 0.30)

What tool in Minecraft collects diamonds?

You will have to use an iron pickaxe to mine diamonds.

Where are diamonds found Minecraft?

Diamonds are found below level 16 of the world.

Can you make diamonds out of coal in Minecraft?

Nope, you have to mine for diamonds with an iron pickaxe.

When i found diamonds in minecraft pe why didn't i get the diamonds when i mined them?

Either diamonds are not fully implemented yet in Minecraft PE, or you used the wrong tool, you need an Iron Pickaxe at least.

What is the 'Minecraft diamond song' called?

There is a Minecraft song called 'In Search of Diamonds'.

What coordinates are diamonds in Minecraft?

I dont know

What in animal in minecraft gives you diamonds?


Can you craft diamonds in minecraft?

Yes, you can craft diamonds in Minecraft. To do this, simply place a diamond block on a crafting grid. This will yield nine diamonds. Similarly, you can place nine diamonds on the crafting table, which yields a diamond block. Other than this, there is no other way you can craft diamonds.Note: Diamond blocks are not naturally found in a Minecraft world.Consequently, you need to find diamonds to craft the diamond block to craftthe diamonds.

How much diamond is there in Minecraft?

It depends on the seed you are using... there is not a specific amount diamonds in Minecraft.

What is the rareness ratio of diamonds to redstone In Minecraft?

Diamonds are about 9 times rarer than redstone.