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Nope, you have to mine for diamonds with an iron pickaxe.

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Q: Can you make diamonds out of coal in Minecraft?
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What is the most effective and efficient mining setup to get diamonds in minecraft?

Try this video on YouTube: How to Mine Effectively [Diamonds, Iron, Coal, etc]

How do you make coal into diamonds?

With tons of pressure ...

How you make a coal axe in Minecraft?

You don't.

Are diamonds made from coal?

yes coal is squeezed so hard to make a diamond

Is diamonds made of coal?

No. Diamonds and coal are both allotropes of carbon. Coal and diamonds are not made from one another.

What is fortune on minecraft?

The fortune enchantment increases the amount of diamonds, lapis, redstone, coal and emeralds you get from each ore block.

How much force is required to make coal into diamonds?

Diamonds are not made from coal. Diamonds are formed deep within the earth's mantle under enormous pressure and extreme heat, from carbon.

How do you make coal into coal ore on minecraft - PE?

Coal can't be turned back into coal ore once it is mined. Since there is no enchanting in Minecraft PE, there is no way to obtain coal blocks in survival.

Why does coal turn into diamonds?

Diamonds are not made of coal. Diamonds are made from carbon, which is also true of coal. Both are allotropes of carbon.

Can you turn coal into diamonds?

In theory, yes. There are companies that can make artificial diamonds out of any carbon material.

What is more valuable diamonds or rubies?

i think its diamonds!(like in minecraft)

How many diamonds does it take to make full diamond gear in Minecraft?

It takes 26 diamonds to make the armour and 11 for the tools, that's 38 diamonds in total.