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There is a minecraft song called 'In Search of Diamonds'.

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Q: What is the 'Minecraft diamond song' called?
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Where do you find diamond easily in minecraft?

There is a strategy called branch mining, look it up on youtube

Is a diamond sword or a butter sword better in minecraft?

Of course Diamond is better "Butter" is just a stupid nickname by SkyDoesMinecraft so Answer to all "Butter" questions Diamond is the best mineral is Minecraft and in the real world this so called "Butter" is very soft and bendable and diamond is one of the hardest gems.

Did Neil Diamond sing lady?

Neil Diamond sang a song called Lady,Oh.

Does diamond Rio have a song called down by the riverside?


What do mine diamond with in minecraft?

Ether a iron pick or an diamond.

How deep is diamond in minecraft?

Diamond is 10th layer and below

What is the item id for a diamond pick in minecraft?

The item ID for a diamond pick in Minecraft is 278. I have linked you below in the related links of a full list of all the ID's in Minecraft.

How do you get a diamond pick-axe in Minecraft pocket edition on the iPad 2 if there isn't a crafting tables?

There are no diamond picks in Minecraft PE.

What tools do you use to cut diamond on minecraft?

To get diamond, you need a pickaxe of iron, gold or diamond.

What are all the uses of diamond in minecraft?

Diamond Armor, Diamond Tools, other stuff like Jukeboxes. The rarest material of all.. diamonds. You find some, you should be happy Diamond is the highest tier in UNMODDED minecraft. See DIAMOND.

How do u make a diamond sword in minecraft?

You can make a diamond sword in Minecraft by placing two diamonds above a stick in the crafting table.

What number is diamond axe on minecraft?

The diamond axe's ID number is 279.