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The diamond axe's ID number is 279.

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Q: What number is diamond axe on minecraft?
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What is used for cutting down trees easily in Minecraft?

A wood axe, a stone axe, a iron axe, a golden axe, and a diamond axe

How do you make an iron axe in Minecraft? <---- The link leads to minecraft wiki, it tells you how to craft a wood, stone, iron, budder, and diamond axe.

How do you get a diamond pick-axe in Minecraft pocket edition on the iPad 2 if there isn't a crafting tables?

There are no diamond picks in Minecraft PE.

What is the number for iron axe in minecraft?

Iron Axe is 258.

What type pf pick axe is needed to get diamond in minecraft?


Can you mine obsidian with a golden pick axe minecraft 1.2.5?

No, you need a diamond pickaxe to mine obsidian.

How do you get a diamond pick axe in Minecraft pocket edition on the iPad 2 if there isn't a crafting tables?

You don't

Can you mine butter in minecraft with a stone pick axe?

In normal Minecraft there is no such thing as butter. If you mean gold ore then no, you need an iron or diamond pickaxe.

What number is diamond ore in Minecraft?


How much does it take to destroy diamond equipment on minecraft?

you will need an Iron pick axe, stone or wooden pick axes do not work.

What ID number do you type in for diamond in minecraft?


What number is diamond chest plate on minecraft?