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In normal minecraft there is no such thing as butter.

If you mean gold ore then no, you need an iron or diamond pickaxe.

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Q: Can you mine butter in minecraft with a stone pick axe?
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What is the best way to mine iron in minecraft?

With a stone pick.

How do you get cobblestone in Minecraft?

take your pickaxe and mine stone, its the most simple thing to do in the game

How do you mine the iron ore in minecraft?

Inside a cave, find a rock that has a reddish-brown spots. Make a stone pick using cobble stone, same as a wooden pick but with cobble instead of planks. Finally, mine it!

Where can you find cobblestone in minecraft?

You need to mine normal stone! Make a pickaxe and dig down a bit; when you mine stone, you'll be given cobblestone (to make it back into stone, you need to "cook" it in a furnace).

What do you mine diamond with in minecraft?

An Iron Pick :)

How do you start to play minecraft?

Punch a tree, get wood make sticks and a pick axe then mine stone, then make a stone pick axe, make a house and get torches, thats what i do and i generally last a while :P (this is on survival by the way

How du you mine redstone at minecraft?

An Iron Pick

What do gold pick axes do in minecraft?

They are just like any other except can mine better than Wooden, Stone and Iron, but not as good as Diamond.

Why can't you mine in Minecraft but you can place blocks?

Maybe you're not using a pick to mine. You need to use a pick.

How do you mine iron in minecraft-?

Iron can be found between the bottom of the map and 4 blocks above sea level. They must be mined with a stone, iron, gold or diamond pickaxe.

What do mine diamond with in minecraft?

Ether a iron pick or an diamond.

How can I find a diamond that is not in your inventory?

On minecraft u have to mine it with a iron pick and if you mine it you should have it in your inventory