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I am not sure where to get one in the safari zone but after defeating blackthorn gym go to the dragons den and after answering the questions go back again and the old man should give you a dratini

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Q: Where a Dratini in the safari zone onPOkemon soul silver?
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What safari zone is dratini in on soul silver?

dratini is in the swamp safari zone ( so iv've heard)

Where can you catch a dratini Pokemon soul silver?

In johto!

Where can you find the legend of Dratini?

Try the game Soul silver then get to the 8th badge it has stuff about dratini (what a bizzare question)

How do you get a dratini that knows extreme speed in Pokemon soul silver?


How long does it take for a dratini egg to hatch in soul silver?

10,455 steps

How do you get a shelgon in the safari zone on soul silver?

In the safari zone wetlands

Where to get a bagon in soul silver?

The Safari Zone

Where to get bagon in soul silver?

In the Safari Zone.

Where do you get riolu on soul silver?

in the safari zone

Where to get trapinch in soul silver?

The Safari Zone.

How do you get shuppet in soul silver?

Safari Zone

How do you get houndoom in soul silver?

you have to get it in the safari zone