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in the safari zone

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Q: Where do you get riolu on soul silver?
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How do you evolve riolu in soul silver?

Riolu evolve by happiness during the day.

Where can you catch a riolu in soul silver?

Safari zone.

What trainer has riolu in their team in Pokemon soul silver?

No one

What level does riolu evolve in Pokemon soul silver?

answer riolu doesnt evolve by level it evolves by care and love

How do you get Riolu in the safari zone in soul silver?

have po kemon red in

Which safari zone area do you find riolu in soul silver?

in the meadow

Where to catch riula in soul silver?

Riolu? Check, they should have it.

How do you get Lucario in soul silver?

If you don't want to wait 70 days for a Riolu, trade the free Riolu you can get in Diamond and evolve it.

Where do you catch riolu in Pokemon soul silver?

the safari after you beat lance once

Where can you find riolu on soul silver?

In the Safari Zone(Encounter Rate is rare)

How do you get Lucario on HeartGold and soul silver?

Catch Riolu in the Safari Zone after unlocking the blocks.

How do you get riolu on soul silver?

You can find it in the Safari Zone or trade it from Platinum, Diamond, or Pearl.